Laurent Pharmaceuticals is a private biopharmaceutical company developing a clinical stage, orally-active drug candidate with potential to modulate the immuno-inflammatory response in Cystic Fibrosis patients.


Radu Pislariu, M.D. - President and CEO

Radu Pislariu, M.D., is an experienced healthcare entrepreneur and investor, with extensive medical and drug development expertise. Previously with iNovia Capital and MSBi Valorisation, Dr. Pislariu was involved in creating and structuring several university spin-offs, as well as leveraging pre-seed, seed and early stage financing rounds, which collectively raised more than $150 million from private and public sources. Radu Pislariu received his M.D. from "Gr.T.Popa" University of Medicine and Pharmacy (Iasi, Romania), and also holds a graduate diploma in Drug Development from the University of Montreal and a graduate diploma in Management from Hautes Etudes Commerciales (HEC) in Montreal.

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Jean-Marie Houle, Ph.D. Pharm - Vice President, Clinical Development

Jean-Marie Houle, Ph.D. Pharm, brings a unique blend of strong development leadership together with outstanding management skills exercised in the pharma, biotech and contract research sectors of industry. Subject matter expert in the fields of pharmacology, pharmacokinetics and drug metabolism, numerous drug candidates benefited from Jean-Marie’s input, some of which making it to the market or to advanced stages of development. In his most recent roles he contributed to successful First-In-Human transitions as well as Phase II Proof-Of-Concept and was VP and Managing Director of the Quintiles Phase I Unit in London, after having served for CPR Pharma services in Australia and PharmaNet in Canada in senior operational/scientific roles. Jean-Marie was also a VP of R&D in a biotechnology company in Montreal, and Director of Pharmacokinetics/Clinical Pharmacology for 6 years at QLT where he played an important role in the successful regulatory approval of Visudyne® in US, Canada, EU and Japan. Prior to QLT, he was Scientific Director in a fast-growing CRO. Jean-Marie graduated from Universite de Montreal with an M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences.

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Patrick Colin, B.Pharm., Ph.D. - Chief Development Officer

Patrick Colin, B.Pharm., Ph.D., is a seasoned pharmaceutical industry executive who managed drug development programs leading to 15 market approvals in various therapeutic areas. Dr. Colin is the former VP R&D of Axcan Pharma (now Forrest Labs), and more recently, he co-funded GIcare Pharma, a clinical stage gastroenterology company. His credentials include 27 years of global drug development experience in the US, EU and Canada. Patrick Colin graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Montreal, where he obtained both a professional Pharmacy degree (B.Pharm.) as well as a Ph.D. in Pharmacology.

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Danuta Radzioch, Ph.D. – Chief Scientific Adviser

Danuta Radzioch, Ph.D, a Fulbright Scholar, is a Professor of Medicine and Human Genetics at McGill University and a researcher at the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre since 1990. Dr. Radzioch brings expertise in molecular biology, host-pathogen interactions, animal models of allergic asthma and cystic fibrosis and translational medicine. Dr. Radzioch’s research team focuses on discovering novel pharmacological interventions to normalize the excessive inflammatory responses and disturbances in the fatty acid metabolism occurring during severe acute bacterial infections, chronic allergic responses as well as acute spinal cord injuries. Dr. Radzioch is a recipient of numerous prestigious awards, and is a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the European Research Infrastructure for Translational Medicine (EATRIS) and a member of the Advisory Committee of Advanced Education and Training Opportunities (AETOAC) of the AllerGen National Centre of Excellence.​